Mazda says ‘thank you’

Posted on by James Faulkner

Bruntingthorpe’s Big Thunder events team are used to seeing happy faces and grateful organisers.  But the thank-you received from Mazda’s fleet dealer development manager, Neil Mayling, following a special event staged for the company, has left them with smiles from ear to ear!

 Neil wanted a ‘really special’ reward for the eight UK Mazda dealers who won a four-month incentive to boost sales to local businesses.  “I wanted to tailor the event to my own requirements, I needed to take account of the time of the year when it was happening and I wanted the winners to do things that they’d never normally do,” he said.

 “Immediately after the event – which went extremely well and which everyone enjoyed immensely – I just had to write to Bruntingthorpe to say a massive thank-you for what was a fantastic day.  All the delegates were raving about the activities and how much fun the whole day had been.”

 Among the nine activities arranged for the Mazda delegates were drives in VW Cup Lupo racers, 38-tonne trucks, a Ferrari 355, karts, skid cars and 4x4s on the proving ground’s challenging off-road course.  “I was totally amazed by the Big Thunder team’s can-do attitude, their flexibility and the effort they put into ensuring the whole day was a complete success,” said Neil.  “Not everyone you deal with these days are nearly as accommodating as Bruntingthorpe.  I just had to write to say thank-you and build a relationship with Bruntingthorpe because we may well want to have more events there in the future.”

 Bruntingthorpe’s popular Big Thunder events take their name from the former USAF air base’s Cold War code-name – Big Thunder.

 Paul Atkin, general manager of business development, said: “It’s not unusual for us to receive messages of thanks from people who have been on Big Thunder events.  But the sincerity of Mazda’s written thank-you – and the fact that it came from a discerning automotive industry customer – made everyone involved very happy and extremely satisfied that the job had been done well.” more info

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