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Seventy years after it opened as part of the RAF’s defence of Britain in the 1940s, Bruntingthorpe aerodrome and proving ground’s original control tower has been given a make-over.  But instead of dressing up the classic two-storey building as something it was never meant to be, the update to add comfort and technology to the venue pays homage to the tower’s long history as a vital part of the airfield operations.

 “Our control tower offers the potential for a number of uses for our clients,” explains Paul Atkin, general manager of business development.  “It has, of course, been updated in the past.  But somehow it never really hit the right spot.  However, we’ve been at great pains to ensure that the latest make-over really does reflect the building’s long history both as an RAF operational tower and as the nerve-centre of the Bruntingthorpe USAF base, when the US Army Airforce occupied the site during the Cold War.”

  One example of features included by the Walton family owners of Bruntingthorpe, is the unearthing by Brandon White (a local aviation historian) of a small 1960s black-and-white photographic print that has been enlarged and turned into wallpaper to cover a complete 4-metre by 3-metre wall.  “It shows a B66 bomber landing and is really sharp.  Modern technology has allowed us to dramatically enlarge a small image with amazing results,” explains Paul.

 “When you sit in the comfort of the carpeted first-floor meeting room – or relax at the tables on the balcony – you can look at the wall and imagine the plane is actually about to arrive on our two-mile-long runway!”

 As well as the display of other period black and white Bruntingthorpe pictures, the control tower now boasts modern accompaniments such as wi-fi, over-head projection and kitchen facilities.

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