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Bruntingthorpe Track

Bruntingthorpe Track

The Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground is set in grounds of 670 acres, with an impressive 4 mile asphalt circuit, a challenging 4×4 off-road course and a multi-use karting circuit.

Main Asphalt Circuit

This includes an impressive 2 mile long straight which is the longest of its type in the country and varies from 20m in width to 60m wide along the straight. The circuit can also be split into separate tracks if required with the Sprint and  Indy circuits each approx. 2 miles long. There are also large concrete and tarmac areas adjacent to the tracks that are ideal for slower vehicle activities through to being used as bases for events. The tracks include many fast corners to improve the driving experience whilst large run off areas keep the circuit safe for its’ users.

4X4 off road course

This is a demanding off road test track for 4×4 vehicles that incorporates steep gradients, deep ruts, river wading with both deep and shallow water along with plenty of ditches and troughs. There are several choices of route which means that a course can be found to suit both extreme 4×4 machines through to car derived 4×4 vehicles.

Karting circuit

This is 0.5km long and laid with perfect asphalt for a smooth drive. Whilst designed for karting it’s been used for a number of applications including the testing of small motorsport vehicles through to being used as part of a city duty test cycle for cars on emissions testing.  

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I was totally amazed by the Big Thunder team’s can-do attitude, their flexibility and the effort they put into ensuring the whole day was a complete success. Not everyone you deal with these days are nearly as accommodating as Bruntingthorpe. Neil Mayling, Mazda

They were, to a man, superb to work with. Their can-do attitude was a real breath of fresh air. We run events all over the world and if I could work with a team like that everywhere I go, then my life would be 100% less stressful! Neil Levett, ALAD

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